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Feb 17, 2013 8:30am PST
report two years ago called for stringent oversight, but so far no government action has been take be. the the academy of art lost its ability to receive grant money when the state graduation rate fell below 30%, still it can get g.i. money. >> over a 8 year period we average a 40% graduation rate according to the california aid commission, 30% is what they expect. >> reporter: still, add sorrow cats urge veterans to seek out cheaper, more accessible options like community colleges. the transfer rate to four year colleges are among the highest in the nation. classes here go for $31 a unit. >> it is an affordable option for them and they have a wonderful educational experience here. >> reporter: in cupertino, allen martin, kpix5. >> we want to point out that over the years employees of kpix5 have been instructors and students at the academy of arts. >>> coming up next, some people call it a curse. >> the viral moment to the republican's response to the state of the union. >> and the roller coaster into the history books, how the crew of this racing yacht was able to do it. >> and su
Feb 15, 2013 10:00pm PST
: student terrance park is doing the math. >> it costs the u.s. government over $23,000 to deport a single individual. >> that's $23,000 to deport me? >> reporter: park has taken a calculated risk, exposing himself as an undocumented immigrant subject to deportation. he's doing it to campaign for the dream act, an immigration law congress is considering that will allow certain students like himself the path to citizenship, and it allows him to get financial aid to continue his studies at yale or brown. he already lost out on a research internship with the national security agency. >> i wanted to explore what they can offer me. but it's the fact that i can't even have that chance to explore. >> reporter: park's mother brought him here from south korea on a visa. she is still waiting. >> she knows there's risk. she always keeps low . that's why she's been telling me to -- >> stay under the radar. >> right. for the first eight years. >> reporter: park is currently protected under california's law that allows immigrant children who arrive in the u.s. under age 16 to stay as long as he's
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2